10 Reasons To Visit

10 Reasons To Visit Izmit

There are many reasons to visit Izmit, but here is our top 10.

With a 3000 year history, there are more than 500 historical values and tens of "10 reasons" in this town,actually! With so much to do, it's hard to narrow down the long list of reasons to visit, but below you'll find our top 10.

1. Izmit Clock Tower

10 reasons visit to Izmit - Clock Tower.

Izmit Clock Tower is symbol of The City of Izmit. Clock towers built on the main large cities within the boundaries of Ottoman Empire during the period when this beautiful building in izmit's Kemalpasa Neigborhood was built were done so by thego vernors of those cities, to celebrate the 25th year of 2nd Abdulhamit's ascending to throne. 

2. Izmit Palace

10 reasons visit to Izmit - Izmit Palace

In the 19th century, built by the Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz, Izmit Palace is the only palace existing outside of Istanbul in Turkey. Within the palace there are sections such as Atatürk room, protocol room, palace museum, reception room, bath and hammam(Turkish bath). It's known as Kasr-ı Hümayun, Av Köskü, Hünkâr Kasrı, Izmit Sarayı, Izmit Köskü, Sultan Sarayı.

3. Sirri Pasha Mansion

10 reasons visit to Izmit - Sirri Pasha

Sırrı Pasha Mansion, an example of civilian architecture belonging to the 19th century, was built in Izmit Hacı Hasan Neighborhood Yeni Cesme Street by order of Izmit Sanjak Governor  Sırrı Pasha. Inner walls of the doublestoried wooden mansion, attracting attention with its view overlooking Izmit Bay, are decorated with antique sculptures and architectural pieces.

4. Archaeology Museum

10 reasons visit to Izmit - Archeology M

Having embraced a lot of civilization during its  thousands years history with its land blowing invaluable historical treasures, the more than 5000 works exhibited in Izmit Archeology and Ethnography Museum fascinate everybody. Works pertaining to Paleolithic, Hellenistic, Roma, Byzantine and Ottoman periods are exhibited in Archeology and Ethnography Museum.

5. Pertev Pasha Mosque

10 reasons visit to Izmit - Pertev Pasha

Pertev Mehmet Pasha Social Complex was built by Great Architect Sinan by the order of Kethüda Sinan Aga following the death of Pertev Mehmet Pasha, in accordance with his will. Pertev Mehmet Pasha Mosque, of which only the mosque, fountain, sadırvan (water-tank with a fountain) and primary school sections could survive partially until today is actually the remaining parts of a big social complex.

6. Antique Aqueduct

10 reasons visit to Izmit - Antique Aque

Great aqueduct is located in the valley, northwest of Üçtepeler Village. It is one of the impressive ancient art works in Izmit. The scarce vegetation cover reveals the magnificence of the Aqueduct. We have learnt from the antique sources that
during the 2nd century AD the aqueducts have been made by The Nicomedia’s Governor Plinius at the request of the Roman emperor Trajan.

7. Orhan Mosque

10 reasons visit to Izmit - Orhan Mosque

It was built by Süleyman fiah crown prince of Orhan Gazi in the first years Ottoman State was established, 'on his name'. This precious artifact which has the title of being the first mosque which was built after Izmit was conquered and that could survive until today, also has a spiritual value as the symbol of conquer. You can gaze and never get enough of the sunset over Izmit Bay.

8. Gültepe Necropolis

10 reasons visit to Izmit - Gultepe Necr

A.D. II. and IX. The ruins of the antique Necropolis and the sacred building belonging to the Byzantine period, dating from the finds that were built between the 16th century, are located to the east of Gültepe in the Izmit section of the Istanbul-Ankara Highway. Following the excavations carried out by the Kocaeli Museum, many hypogens and cross-planned church remains were found, and to the west were tomb rooms with elongated rectangular chambers and Martyrion ruins for Christian martyrs.

9. Izmit Tolerance Monument

10 reasons visit to Izmit - Tolerance Mo

Izmit tolerance Monument made by Izmit Municipality on 23rd of July 2011 for the memory of 1.700th anniversary of world's first tolerance edict which was published here on 30th of April 311 by Roman emporer Galerius in the name
of the all tetrachy who get in power  in Carnuntum on 11th of Nov 308.

10. Historical Kapanca Street

10 reasons visit to Izmit - Historical K

Izmit is a city that attracts attention with its traditional houses constructed with Turkish architecture for residences. Kapanca Street located in Izmit is of utmost importance from the point of traditional residential architecture. Many buildings in this street have succeeded in reaching our day with their characteristics unique to the period they belong. 

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