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Akın Ülkü Sevinç


He was born in Izmit, 1970. He worked in the architectural project and automotive sector for 32 years.

He has been organizing and managing local, national and international culture, art, history projects and events in different disciplines since 2009.


He has been managing the Art Nicomedia Culture and Art Association (AND) which has 64 members and 14 honorary members he founded in 2011. He has managed more than 130 projects in local, national and international platforms in the framework of AND. 


He is coordinator of the "International Art Carnuntum" project, in which 12 cities from Europe are involved as project partners. He was conduct as coordinator of the “Izmit Tolerance Monument” project which was opened in Izmit with international diplomatic participation in July 2011 and he realised visual design of the monument.


He participated as formal representative in 27 international art and history events. In September 2014, he received the title of “Honorary Citizenship” by the Mayor of the city of Esztergom, Hungary.

He designed the first city ​​promotion set of Izmit internationally. He organized "İzmit City History Presentation" in 14 different themes.


He produced and directed 9 fictional films, 3 city promotional films, 3 documentary film and 2 video clips. Some of the films that he produced and directed were awarded 4 degrees, 2 screening selections and 2 awards at national and international film festivals.


He is the founder and president of "The Izmit International Short Film Festival" which was launched in 2018 and "The Nicomedia International Short Film Awards" which was launched in 2021. Since 2013, he has been organizing “Art Nicomedia National Short Film Festival” and “Art Nicomedia National Photography Contest” events.

He has managing and curating art exhibitions in different disciplines, primarily photography, illustration and oil painting. Additionally, he has curating "Art Nicomedia 3D Virtual Exhibition Gallery" which takes place in the international digital platform.


He has managing international Erasmus + projects carried out in Izmit and abroad as legal representative. He has organizing and managing cultural and artistic events such as music concerts, nostalgic movie nights, award ceremonies, fair representations at different periods.

He has been writing columns regarding with Izmit city history in a local magazine since 2018 January.

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